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Free Time. Pikeur Winter 2017/18

In winter remember to protect your head! In the latest collection Pikeur Winter 2017/18 you will find the most fashionable models of men’s and women’s hats. Made of various materials, in sporty and classic versions with pompon. You will find a hat for yourself. Under the jacket we offer light and warm sweatshirts from the […]

Navy Blue Style. Pikeur Winter 2017/18

Navy blue is a universal and elegant color. In dark colors we can see less dirt, and we can put them together with practically any other color. Our present proposal is a dark blue set for men and women.   Dave Mens Polartec Sweatjacket Pikeur, Collection: Winter 2017/18  Fenja Fleece Jacket Pikeur, Collection: Winter 2017/18 […]

Time for Softshell! Pikeur Winter 2017/18

Our winter training offer is a lightweight ladies’ jacket made of the highest quality softshell from the winter collection Pikeur 2017/18. It has two comfortable, zippered pockets. Perfect for training!   Fionette Softshell Jacket Pikeur, Collection: Winter 2017/18

Fashion Winter. Pikeur Winter 2017/18

In the winter collection of Pikeur Sportswear you will find warm sports jackets and jackets that will work well in stables and workouts. Made of the highest quality materials, breathable and draining moisture.   Kaya Sweatshirt Pikeur, Collection: Winter 2017/18 Isia Jacket Pikeur, Collection: Winter 2017/18

Fleece Power. Pikeur Winter 2017/18

Warm sweatshirt for the winter? We propose a fleece jacket – warm, nice to the touch. Ideal for cooler autumn days, both during workout and at work on a daily basis. Fleece Jacket Fenja you can buy in super colors. Also a great cap with a pattern will make your styling taste.   Patterned Hat […]

Pom Pom. Pikeur Winter 2017/18

Cap with pom-pom? Obligatory for winter! Always fashionable, always warm. In the Pikeur Winter Collection 2017/18 you will find a universal cap with a pompon. Made of high quality material, lined with pleasant fleece. On hotter days we offer a fleece sweater instead of a jacket. It is pleasant to the touch and fits to […]

Fashion Winter. Pikeur Zima 2017/18

Fashionable winter? Only with the latest collection Pikeur Winter 2017/18. Our proposal is an insulated jacket with a fur-lined fur. Fit to fit. Quilted in belts. You must have this!   Bellice Jacket Pikeur, Collection: Winter 2017/18  Rayla Breeches Pikeur, Collection: Winter 2017/18    

Winter Time 2. Pikeur Winter 2017/18

The long park-type jacket is perfect for winter, cold weather. Warm and breathable. Fastened to an indoor lock. Made of durable nylon / cotton fabric. In a universal, elegant dark blue color, to which we can assemble every color of breeches.   Justino Parka Jacket Pikeur, Collection: Winter 2017/18  Glinda Grip Breeches Pikeur, Collection: Winter […]

Winter Time. Pikeur Winter 2017/18

During your day at the stable you should have a good jacket or vest with a warm sweatshirt. Winter riding clothing must be warm and breathable, can not restrain the rider’s movements. In Pikeur winter collection you will find made of the highest quality materials, breathable and draining clothes. Available in classic, elegant colors.   […]

Crazy Socks Pikeur Zima 2017/18

Riding knee socks are not boring! In the latest collection Pikeur Winter 2017/18 we find universal riding knee socks. Made of two types of highest quality knitwear. Thinner on the calf and thick, soft on the foot. Available in various colors. Warm must have for the winter   Kontrast Unisex Riding Sock Pikeur, Collection: Winter […]